Culture Calendar Nov. 24-26

Green Friday, eggnog, and…another Christmas market?

It’s the last culture calendar of the year! Inter Universitas will be taking a well-deserved break (with maybe a few surprises coming in the next few weeks), but we’ll leave you with one last weekend of fun.

We’ve all heard of the horrendous American tradition known as Black Friday, when stores slash their prices and people swarm the malls. It’s even made it to Norway. But DNT (Norway’s outdoors organization) is fighting back with Green Friday, an event where you can bring your used outdoor gear and either swap it or sell it. Sounds like an environmentally friendly, anti-capitalist alternative!

After getting your fill of «klatreutstyr» and the like, you could take in an art exhibition. Friday is opening night, which will unfold as a performance. This group show explores the relationship between art, politics, and subjectivity. Get your cultural fill and maybe even learn something new about the nature of subjectivity.

If you’re like me, and you want to keep the creepy, atmospheric Halloween-y spirit going all year, you’ll love the indie film «The Killing of a Sacred Deer». It’s playing Saturday and Sunday at Kunsternes Hus Kino, and promises to be as good as director Yorgos Lanthimos’ previous film «The Lobster».

Heading into the night, it’s time to dance. If you haven’t seen KUUK play in a cramped Oslo club, you haven’t lived yet. This duo brings energy, dirty, feminist lyrics (sadly in Norwegian; time to brush up!), and infectious dancing. And yes, their name means «cock.» (And if you miss this show, theyʼre playing December 2 at Chateau Neuf!)

On Sunday, another Christmas market? Yes. I won’t stop until I’ve got presents for everyone. This week is the Tøyen Bazaar, which promises to have an eclectic array of goods, such as organic chocolate, upcycled accessories, skin products, vegan snacks, and more.

I’ll be drinking a traditional American holiday beverage, eggnog. Get in the mood with this recipe. Happy holidays!

Green Friday

Exhibition: Subjektiv

The Killing of a Sacred Deer


Tøyen Bazaar