Archive photo: Hanne Hvattum
Archive photo: Hanne Hvattum

Culture Calendar Nov. 16-19

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I’m sure there’s something happening on Thursday, but I can’t tell you what it is. Find a party or stay in (I’ll be doing the latter while watching «Stranger Things», because I’m sick of people recommending it to me), and wait for Friday to roll in.

When it’s finally come, try heading to HIMKOK bar. I’ve been told by Norwegians that the name derives from the word for moonshine or homebrew, but you’ll find the cocktails at this world-renowned bar are much better than the namesake. This Friday there will be music on vinyl and «folkelig stemning.» The drinks are pricey, but have a little vors and then head out.

Saturday is full of fun. Get up early-ish for free churros and hot chocolate at Mathallen, courtesy of…Spain’s Tourism Office? Hey, I’ll take it. Early bird catches the worm though, so get there on time!

Are you as paranoid about getting your Christmas shopping done early as I am? Thankfully the American Women’s Club of Oslo is hosting a Christmas market this Saturday and Sunday! They promise, amongst other goods, «American products,» which to me sounds very promising. Not to mention books for just 10 kroner, which is a deal you can’t pass up.

Saturday night is for dancing, and Chateau Neuf plays host to Seksuell that night – self-described as «sleezy RʼnʼB, shameless hip-hop and the most cheesy pop you hate to love.» I’m sold.

Sunday is always perfect to visit a museum, and this week you can visit the Munch Museum’s latest exhibit. Read the review in Universitas first if you like, though it’s not entirely favorable. Still, Munch is always worth a visit.



American Christmas Market

Seksuell i Betong

Munch Museum