Photo: John Erling Blad, via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: John Erling Blad, via Wikimedia Commons

Culture Calendar Nov. 2-5

Sleep in late, dance all night, and maybe catch a movie this weekend.

October has come a close, and now we enter November, one of the most superfluous months of the year. With no major holidays, a growing darkness, and yet no snow, it seems like a month that really has no purpose. Thankfully Oslo still has plenty for you to do on a dreary day.

On Thursday U1 is hosting another quiz, and the theme is «Harry Potter». Accio top score!

If you feel like a laid-back concert, Marthe Wang Trio will be playing that night at SALT. The venue is unique, and the music will be sweet and a little melancholy.

And from Thursday until Sunday, Impro Neuf is hosting the Oslo Impro Festival, with plenty of English events and workshops.

Friday and Saturday, you can attend the Oslo International Poetry Festival. Not all the events are in English, but look for titles in English or writers from English-speaking countries. Or go out on a limb and try some Norwegian poetry!

Unbelievably, there are three excellent concerts on Saturday, and none of them have sold out yet. Take your pick: Gorillaz at Oslo Spektrum, Future Islands at Sentrum Scene, or Mikhael Pakalev at Rockefeller. You really can’t go wrong.

Saturday is also the «Store Kino Dagen,» or «Big Cinema Day.» That means events and activities at various movie theaters in Oslo, but also half-price tickets on movies (and we all know that’s a big deal).

Are you exhausted yet? Never say Oslo doesn’t have enough to do. If you’re still not satisfied, start your Christmas shopping on Sunday at Hadeland Glassverk’s Christmas market. It’s a little bit outside Oslo, but you’ll definitely be in the spirit of the season.

Or maybe you want to soothe your soul with some art. The Astrup Fearnley Museum has installed Olafur Eliasson’s work «Your Color Memory», and they have a student discount on tickets. Sit in a room that changes colors, and maybe just think about life.

Quiz at U1

Marthe Wang Trio

Oslo Impro Festival

Oslo International Poetry Festival


Future Islands

Mikhael Paskalev

Store Kino Dagen

Hadeland Glassverk

Olafur Eliasson at Astrup Fearnley