Arkivfoto: Håkon Benjaminsen
Arkivfoto: Håkon Benjaminsen

SiO coffee trashed by students and experts

The coffee at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) scored poorly in an informal review of coffee in various workplaces.

Oslo newspaper Aftenposten set out to test coffee in various workplaces around the city. Kaja Emilie Walsh, a barista at Stockfleths who also has education as a chef, was the expert on hand for the test. She grimaced as she tasted the coffee at KHiO.

«This is so bitter! I only taste the harsh flavors. This doesn’t have any of what we look for in coffee. And to top it all off, it tastes burned. The only thing saving it from the lowest possible score is the presentation, and that it’s drinkable,» Walsh said to Aftenposten.

Students agree; they say the coffee in the cantina is not very good.

«It sucks that we actually pay for this,» said Linn Olsson, at student at KHiO.

Not the first time

The KHiO cantina Seilduken is run by the Foundation for Student Life in Oslo and Akershus (SiO). Universitas had previously highlighted a drop in the quality of food and drink there.

«We can just walk over to Tim Wendelboe [a popular coffee shop] for much better coffee at almost the same price,» employee Alexandra Mertens said.

Status quo

A month later the KHiO coffee maintains the status quo, according to Aftenposten.

Steffen Greff, director for SiO Food and Drink, answered the critique, saying «The coffee machine they tested is a regular brewing machine that only produces filter coffee from Arabica beans. We have daily routines for cleaning the machine. In addition, we have it serviced regularly by the supplier.»

Greff added that SiO was looking into the feedback. «It’s unfortunate that the test gave this feedback on our coffee. Based on this test, we’ve requested a new report and full service on the machine.»