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SiO Health has one of Oslo’s worst doctors’ offices

A new review ranked the student health center 112 out of 154 doctors’ offices in Oslo.

In a new review, the Norwegian Consumer Council determined the quality of service in doctors’ offices around Norway. The bottom third were located in Oslo.

The Consumer Council measured the offices based on specific criteria, including concrete information, general information, digital contact, and concrete service. The offices received points on a scale from zero to 100.

SiO Health scored 44.7, while the winning office, Fastlegene Colloseum, scored 75.6.

«This isn’t good enough»

Trong Morten Nejad-Trondsen, Director of SiO Health and Counseling, was adamant that work has already started to make concrete changes.

«This review is very helpful for us, even though we would have liked to score better. We’ve contacted the Consumer Council and received a more detailed report from them. Now we’re going to work on improvements,» said Trondsen.

When asked why SiO had scored so badly, Trondsen acknowledged the issue, but pointed out SiO Health is not alone.

«SiO Health scored around the average for Oslo, but it’s still not good enough when we offer such extensive service to such a large group, and have ambitions to deliver good availability and service,» Trondsen said.

Showing what’s missing

Jarle Oppedal, leader for facts and analysis in the Consumer Council, says the review is important for a better customer experience when going to the doctor.

«We start with the experience before you become a patient, how we choose a doctor. Is there good enough information to make an informed decision? Is it helpful and relevant?» he explained.

There are also issues with availability of choice for new patients. Many offices are full, and there are doctors who cannot take on any new patients. That problem leaves some people with little information and few options.

«When doctors have reached patient capacity, only previous and ongoing patients are dealt with. New patients don’t get many options, but they also need to have doctors to choose from. We want to highlight this issue,» Oppedal said.

Digital ambitions

SiO scored lowest on «concrete info» with 15 points. Oppedal says this describes information on specific services the offices provide. If the offices did not offer services such as a trial appointment for new patients, alternative kinds of consultations, or additional information on doctors, they received a lower score.

«We did quite badly when it came to concrete information. We suspect it can be hard to find information on our websites,» said Trondsen.

He says it’s time to develop digital solutions to make it easier to set appointments and check in at the office.

«We’re also hoping to offer more options for chat and video, once we can offer it safely and securely,» Trondsen said.