Archive photo: Hans Dalane-Hval
Archive photo: Hans Dalane-Hval

Culture Calendar Oct. 19-22

Take a quiz, knit a sweater, or stare contemplatively at some art this weekend.

Thereʼs nothing like putting down your school books, leaving the library, and enjoying a relaxing evening at a...quiz?! Strange as it seems, Norwegians think answering trivia questions is a fun way to spend their free time. Itʼs like an exam, but the stakes are nonexistent. Try U1ʼs quiz this Thursday, especially if you know anything about the Premier League (I donʼt).

From Friday to Sunday, the Norwegian Folk Museum is hosting a knitting festival. Itʼs not only for experts: if youʼve been considering learning how to knit, crotchet, weave, or spin wool, all of which are useful skills for the upcoming winter days, then stop by. There will be workshops, shopping, and all kinds of events related to knitting.

Has autumn got you in the mood to curl up with a book? On Saturday or Sunday you can snag a new read at the Bjølsen book market. Like a «loppemarked,» but better because it’s just books! Of course, there’s no guarantee how many will be in English, but there tends to be a good selection. And if you only find Norwegian books, maybe it’s a chance to practice the language!

Saturday night, try something different (so, not a concert): Impro Neuf is holding a free improv show at Chateau Neuf. If you’re looking for something a little more offbeat to do, look no further.

On Sunday you could take advantage of one of the world-class art institutions we have in Oslo, and hop on a bus to Henie Onstad. There you can see the exhibition 'Keeping an eye on the world', from American photographer Catherine Opie. She is known for her work on gender and sexuality, and fuses social commentary with personal experience. This is the first time her work has been shown in a full European exhibition. (Donʼt forget to use your student discount!)

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