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Photo: Wikimedia commons

Culture calendar Sept. 14-17

Movies, food, and a million Oslo Culture Night events await you this weekend.

Start your weekend off right by starting it on Thursday. Tonight, Sept. 14, head to the Botanical Garden (Oslo Botanisk Hage) for an open-air showing of «Jurassic Park» at 20:30. The doors open at 19:00, and close whenever the venue is full. The weather forecast says it will be dry tonight (finally). The showing is free – just bring something to sit on, and maybe a snack.

Friday, Sept. 15 will be an absolute cornucopia of events, because it’s the best night of the year: Oslo Culture Night. With literally hundreds of things to choose from though, you’ll need some guidance.

You begin at Losæter baking house, where starting at 17:00 you can bake your own pizza. You bring the dough, they supply the tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings, including herbs from the garden outside. I swear it will be the best-baked pizza you ever had.

After filling up, head to the Nobel Peace Center around 18:00 for the opening of a new photo exhibit called «Shifting Boundaries,» about different kinds of borders and Europe today.

There will be concerts all over, and you could easily spend the night going from one to the other. The Oslo Philharmonic plays in the city center at 19:00 – they’re celebrating 100 years of the Norwegian Composer’s Society. Classical music not really your thing? Check out African jazz at Melahuset instead at 21:00. From there, who knows where you’ll end up; Oslo will be especially alive this Friday, full of adventure.

Wake up late on Saturday, but when you feel like eating, consider wandering over to Youngstorget, where Takoyaki Norge is setting up shop starting at 11:00. They’ll be serving Japanese street food that just might hit the spot after a long night, including fried chicken, miso soup, and of course takoyaki itself: fried balls of dough with octopus meat inside, topped with special sauce.

Maybe you want a quiet night in, but try having an afternoon out. From Youngstorget you can walk to Christian Fredriks Place on the fjord side of Oslo Central Station, where at 13:00 Japanese artist Satchie Noro will be performing an art piece called «Origami,» described as «a duet between a machine and a dancer…inspired by ancestral Japanese origami techniques.»

Sunday might be a lazy day, but you can still enjoy the city. Blå is the classic venue that keeps on giving; every Sunday you can hear the Frank Znort Quartet for free. Attending one of their shows is an unofficial requisite for being an Oslo resident. Buy a beer and catch the early acoustic set outside at 16:00, or hang around for the even more energetic 20:30 set inside. Then head home and have a well-deserved sleep before the week starts all over again.

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