The Leftist Alliance wins, and Peder Østring and Tobias Lund burst into song.
The Leftist Alliance wins, and Peder Østring and Tobias Lund burst into song.

Leftist Alliance wins student election

Meanwhile, the Science Party loses their advantage, and the Guest List crashes the party.

The Leftist Alliance was galvanized on April 26 when this year’s election results were read. With 19.7 percent of the vote, they were the big winners, and will occupy six seats in the student parliament. «So comrades, come rally/and the last fight let us face/the Internationale unites the human race!» The traditional socialist workers’ song reverberated through the dark basement of Chateau Neuf.

«I’m really shaking,» said August Starberg, a member of the Leftist Alliance. «I didn’t think it would go this well.»

Starberg said he would use his new position in the parliament to bring an environmental perspective to as many classes at UiO as possible. But first, he wanted to party.

«I’m going to drink a great deal of beer, and then find out whether I have to work tomorrow,» Starberg said, and laughed.

Increased voter turnout

Around 50 students came out to be the first to hear the election results. Student politicians worked hard to increase participation this year, but nevertheless only 17.6 percent of the student body voted.

That number is still better than student participation in the rector election, and 0.4 percent better than last year. It was also the second-best participation ever.

«I’ll be satisfied if we keep up with this trend from last year, when participation increased from 14-15 percent to just under 20 percent,» student leader Hans Christian Paulsen said, right before the results were announced.

Green with happiness

Hot on the winner’s heels was the Green List, with 19.2 percent of the vote. Candidate Julia Mellebye Weisethaunet was happy with their 5.7 percent increase over last year.

«I’m super satisfied! We want to work for cheaper, more sustainable food, and environmental certification at UiO,» she said.

The Green List celebrated with cava, and Weisethaunet soon rushed off to keep partying. «I have to go congratulate everyone and have fun. And enjoy these results!»

Dissatisfied populists

For five years in a row the Science Party has won the election, but this year they dropped 8.8 percentage points.

The Guest List however, widely known as the populist party, did well with 13.7 percent of the votes. Nevertheless, leader Simen Flotvik Mathisen was unhappy with the results.

«We need to get to the level [of participation] where student politicians are actually representative [of the student body],» he said.

When Paulsen, the current leader, came over to congratulate him, Mathisen was still annoyed.

«Are you satisfied?» asked Paulsen.

«No,» answered Mathisen. «I’m happy with the Guest List’s relative success, but not with the level of participation,» he added.

«Are you looking forward to the long meetings?» said Paulsen.


These are the results:

The Leftist Alliance: 19.7 percent – six seats

The Green List: 19.2 percent – five seats

The Science Party: 13.9 percent – four seats

The Guest List: 13.7 percent – four seats

The Labour List: 10.8 percent – three seats

The Conservatives: 8.5 percent – two seats

The Liberal List: 6.8 percent – two seats

Internationalista: 4 percent – one seat

WSL: 3.5 percent – one seat