SOLRIK: Simen Flotvik Mathisen is the leader of «Gjestelista»
SOLRIK: Simen Flotvik Mathisen is the leader of «Gjestelista»

New student political party wants to confront «boring student politicians» – «I like to live a little»

Escalators, Vinmonopol, and an amusement park in Blindern are among Gjestelista’s campaign promises.

The student political scene at the University of Oslo has a new member: Gjestelista is a populist party with a concrete platform.

«There’s a new political party at UiO that will confront boring student politicians and their topics that have nothing to do with students’ everyday life. Gjestelista is running on a platform of issues that are important to people,» the party wrote in a press release.

The party leader is Simen Flotvik Mathisen.

«I think we can all agree it’s crazy that we have obligatory lectures in the morning when the campus cafés aren’t open,» said Mathisen in the press release.

In addition to leading the new party, Mathisen is a board member of Det Norske Studentersamfund.

The deadline for registering a political party was 15 February.

Student parliament elections at UiO start 18 April. All students can vote.

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