Business + music:

= True?

BI students arranged a workshop during By:larm on business ABC for performers.

– There is too little talk about economics in their education. There are many things good about art and music, but little is known about how you can live off it and turn it into a functioning source of income, says Bendik Finborud. He studies at University of Agder’s new artist and songwriter specialization within the music degree programme and has come to the workshop to learn.

Particular importance

Finborud believes PR and economy are the most interesting themes of the workshop, even if everything is relevant him as he’s not yet started his artist adventure.

BI has, as one of by: Larm’s main sponsors, been given the opportunity of a little self-promotion. That has arrived in the form of a workshop for performers who need a little help with the business bit of the profession. In five groups, students are organized in categories in which participants at the workshop will help with finances, networking, marketing, writing applications and development of business.

Students from BI

– To be an artist can be compared with starting a business. You are the artist, and you're both seller and the item to be sold. It requires insight to start and run a business, says organizer and chief of BI’s entrepreneurial education, Tor Haugnes.

Josefin Rönërfjell, student at Business Administration at BI, is behind the point on networking. She will help artists become conscious of their own circles.

– The workshop is not directly relevant to my education, but it’s always good to get training in how to talk to people in a consultant setting.

An unmet need

Economy, which was included in all posts, seems to be the most important theme for both participants and the organizers. The importance of living off artist profession was emphasised by Haugenes.

– This will be their profession and livelihood, so they have to have an understanding of economy.

When the clock struck twelve, the workshop is rounded off by input from the participants. There should have been arranged more of these, preferably with more time so you could have time for all the posts, says a female artist who attended the workshop. This was the answer given the organizers by the appointed, as well as from Finborud’s fellow student from UiA, who unfortunately only had time for the economy post today.