From B to F

While one student went from B to F, another went from D to an A after complaining on their grades.

Fearing unsympathetic lawyers

Only three out of 300 credits in law school are ethics. It can make lawyers less sympathetic, says dean Hans Petter Graver.

– The peak is reached in the oil sector

Although the glory days of the Norwegian economy probably are behind us, head of Norges Bank, Øystein Olsen, says there is no reason to panic.

107 students are banned

New register bars cheating students from education.

Aayat Alqormozi was imprisoned and tortured by the authorities in Bahrain:

– They fear people with education

Although authorities in her homeland have threatened to arrest her again, the winner of the Student Peace Prize, Aayat Alqormozi (24), refuses to stop her struggle for human rights.

The Norwegian parliament:

Will not slow down oil research

Britains proposed terror bill:

Could hinder free speech on campus

Britain’s new counter-terrorism bill requires universities to tighten the tolerance for extremist statements.

Norwegian students:

Not «lazy» after all

29 hours was the students’ average week, a survey showed last year. This year’s version increased the number sharply.

Green List challenges the establishment

The student parliament at UiO’s choice not to prioritize fighting oil research was the final straw for a group of students. Now a green list will run for election.


Shy Norwegians may slow integration

A language café will speed the integration, but international students still find it difficult getting to know Norwegian students.

Professor Curt Rice:

New system can lead to corruption

A new report proposes a change in the financing of higher educational institutions. – The system can be misused, warns Professor Curt Rice.

Oil fight put on hold

The executive committee at the Student Parliament of UiO has abandoned efforts to cut university ties to Statoil. It’s not possible in the short term, says leader.

Hired to increase diversity

The Norwegian Police University College (NPUC) has appointed socialist left party (SV) politician Akhtar Chaudhry to recruit more students with immigrant background. – It’s also Fatima and Surji’s responsibility to contribute to a safe society, he says.

– The language is the core of the problem

Up to 30 percent of foreign students rarely or never connect with their Norwegian peers.

3D printers provide extra dimension to students

– Some students are very enthusiastic and have bought their own 3D printers. For others it’s a tool just like a saw or a hammer, says Steinar Killi, associate professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

Postponed indefinitely

95 percent of all students procrastinate daily. It may be harmful.

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    • pst: Er det ikke meningen at karaktersetting skal gjenspeile kandidatens…
    • pst: Er det ikke meningen at karaktersetting skal gjenspeile kandidatens…
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